Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pero No Soy Negra

Today my kids threw a "surprise" party for me. I use the term "surprise" very lightly because 2nd graders are not very good at keeping secrets. After recess a couple girls were lagging behind and being really weird (clearly trying to keep me from going back into the classroom). When they finally let me in, everyone was sitting in a big circle and there was a piñata in the middle and they all started screaming. It was precious. Insert first of many cries here. Narichel gave me this bracelet that her aunt made:
and this bag. the type of design is called mola. she is part of an indigenous tribe called Kuna and this is what they are "famous" for

Hillary got me this sweet little thing with all kinda of Panamanian goodies in it. It has a doll in the middle that is dresses in a traditional Panamanian dress. Hillary dances and she said it looks like her dress.

Juana and Mery gave Linda and I these shirts. tourists much? oh but I love it.

It was such a wonderful time. I seriously love those kids so much, It's so funny how they made me cry for being so bad at first, and then I was crying at the thought of leaving them. 

Class was actually interesting. Until yesterday, my Spanish teaching seemed to think I was incompetent. I cannot tell you how many times I heard, "Endendiste, Carmen? Me explica?" (do you understand, Carmen?) Yes, in fact, I do understand the language. If I didn't, I would not be here. But thank you for asking me 43 times a day and making sure that I understand. Well yesterday I told her what was up. She asked a question that I had a lot of opinion about and I just started talking. Was it all correct? Definitely not. But I just started talking and didn't stop until I had said all I wanted to say. She hasn't asked me if I understand every since. BAM, roasted.

Then it was time for History class, which actually turned into dance class. We learned the Congo. Turns out I can't Congo. My hips don't move that way. It's a dance from a black indigenous tribe. I am not black. Then they told us we had to do it for our presentation next week. Our presentation that is in front of 200 people. It's all fun and game until someone tells you that you have to do the Congo in front of 200 people. Then someone is going to get hurt. Not to mention that is one thing the broken leg is not a fan of. So it kinda put a damper on my day. I just needed some alone time in general and was definitely on edge, but it seems like there is never time or a place. Then everyone went out for the night and it was just me and Joanna all night long. Oh, silence. Glorious silence. Glorious night.

random thoughts:
-I found myself praying in Spanish.
-I'm getting my languages tangled up whenever I talk to someone who speaks both languages.
-I have never been able to roll my Rs, but now I can. when I'm singing. just another reason why my life should be a musical. 
-JJ Heller. look her up. best music I have heard in a long time. I'm obsessed.

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