Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nicholas Sparks Writes Books

Today was just a day to relax. We slept late and laid in bed for a long time. Spent most of the morning just around the house, stealing each others' pictures and music and such. One of our teachers came over to help us with a project we are supposed to be doing for her class. Remember the mola bag that I got? Well for our history class she wanted us to learn to make those. But we hadn't even started. And they have to be done for our presentation on Wednesday. Needless to say, we did not see that happening. We didn't even understand how to do them and were getting so stressed out about it. She finally decided to let us just make one as a group, so that was great news.

About the time she agreed to that, we noticed that Sophie wasn't around. Joanna remembered that she thought she saw her leave with Veronica (the lady that cleans the house and works for Waldy). Sarah and Joanna rushed out the door to see if they could see them, but didn't. We ran upstairs to tell Linda, and basically all began freaking out. Linda ran to Super 99, Sarah and I went toward the park, and Joanna went toward the mall. All unsuccessful. Thankfully she was fine and had just gone up to Waldy's apartment with Veronica, but still. We were all very unhappy. And scared. I can't imagine being a parent in that position. I have never been so worried before.

We spent the rest of the afternoon painting for another part of our presentation. It is supposed to be our view of Panama or what stood out to us the most, so this is what I made:

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