Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Dad Is Here With The Americans In Orange

I am so behind! Gotta back up all the way to Monday. In fact, it has been so long that I wrote about the Chino Panameño school, then erased it, then wrote about the Episcopal school, erased it, and now am certain that we went to the Chino Panameño school on Monday.

Basically it is World Language Academy on steroids. And much more expensive. We got a tour of the whole school and spent a little bit of time in the classrooms. Of course I was in love with every little Chinese girl that walked by me, and there were a lot. Then we went to this replica of a park in China. really pretty... much like everything in Panama.

pretty sure this is a sign that my China baby girl will be an Alpha Gam
I just love this picture that Sarah took while I was painting because it shows my ring
The rest of the night (until about 1:30 am) was spent working on our presentation. boring, I know.

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