Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Think I'm His American Girlfriend Or Something

I am falling way behind on my blogging, which doesn't mean much to most of you, but this is where I'm keeping up with everything from my trip and I'm so afraid of forgetting things.

Anyway, Thursday we visited a private Episcopal school. I was in a first grade classroom for the morning. Of course I thought they were absolutely precious and wanted to take them home with me. never fails. The teacher didn't really talk to me very much at all, so I just sat down with some of the kids and started talking to them. I think the teacher thought I don't speak Spanish, so she kinda ignored me for a while. I learn so much more when I talk to the kids. I am amazed at how willing they are to teach me and how patient they are. They went to a folklore class and danced and oh. my. goodness. they are absolutely precious! As we were walking down there I thought about how mad I was in Portobelo when my camera died... then it died again. Every time precious babies dance my camera dies! So I made a mad dash upstairs to get Joanna's camera. Darn camera. (those pictures are not on my computer yet, so stay tuned)

Let's talk about this Congo business. It's hard, y'all. My hips don't move like that. I wish I was Hispanic and I wish that they did, but I am, in fact, very white. I love to dance and have fun, but I can't do that Congo business. While we were practicing people kept coming in and out of the room and we were getting kinda embarrassed about it. We aren't very good at it and were really trying but we just felt weird about it. Kinda like word was getting around that the Americans in the stupid orange sweaters were trying to do. It was just awkward. We were all so frustrated that we were getting upset. When we got home and talked to Linda about it, she decided to email Dr. Mas. Long story short, Dr. Mas agreed that it was kinda ridiculous, told us she was sending an email, and we don't have to dance. That is a huge relief and I feel so much better about our whole presentation in general.

After a bit of a rough day, we all decided to do a little shopping (aka chopping) and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. how very American of us, I know. But it was nice to have a little taste of America and get out for a little bit.

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