Sunday, May 23, 2010

He's So Soft & I Just Want To Rip His Legs Off

We went to El Valle in Coclé. It's actually a whole town on the inside of a volcano. But here's the question: who decides that it's been long enough since the last eruption of the volcano that they can move in anyway?
But I digress. I will say that it was pretty cool. We went to an elementary school there (of course we did) for about an hour. Joanna and I were in a Pre K class. I really love working with the little ones. Precious doesn't even begin to explain them.

After the school we headed to the rain forest! We had a chance to do the whole zip line deal... and this girl was not so sure about that zip line. I feel like it's just something you should do but it is nothing I desire to do at all. It turned out to be rather pricey for not a very long time and I just didn't think it was worth it. Only 4 of us did it, but it was pretty cool to be out in the rain forrest, even though we didn't even see any exciting wildlife. When I was on crutches I made a list of things to do once I was off of them and hiking was the last thing on my list. check! Also, I walked across this bridge and others like it. I did not like it, but I am rather proud of myself.

While we were at lunch, we stopped by a market next door. These markets are my favorite! Unfortunately we spent so much time at the market that we missed the museum. Such a shame. We have only been to 58 of them already.

 Next up: the zoo with the most beautiful view EVER.

And last but not least: Aguas Termales. Because it is a volcano, they have natural hot springs. We got there at 4:30 and it closed at 5, so we only had time for part of it. Which included putting this nasty mud concoction on our faces and sitting with our feet in this hot pool while it dried.

and these things. you stand in one and another person stands in the other that is pretty far away and when you talk into it it's like you are standing right next to each other. it's so cool!

on the way home we stopped at the greatest bakery ever and I had the best cinnamon roll I've ever had in my life. and Hillary got turtle bread (hence the name of this post). And then Alexis let us have one last stop for some empanadas. There weren't many left and the guy looked at Sarah like she was crazy when she said we would take the rest. oh Chichemito.

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