Saturday, October 30, 2010

You'll Be Proud To Be An Alpha Gam Girl

Let's rewind to January of freshman year for a moment: my sweet friend Bekah and I had recently received our bids to join the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta and could not have been more excited. We sat in her dorm room one night talking about our futures as sisters, which led to discussion of candlelightings. Some of you may remember Bekah's candlelighting back in April.

candlelighting: how we announce to the whole sorority that we are engaged.

This is how it goes: you keep it pretty quiet until the candlelighting. I mean, you can tell people (which I did), but just don't really announce it yet kinda deal. So everyone gets in a circle and we have a song we sing called Today. It's my favorite. A candle is lit by the president and she starts to pass it around. It goes all the way around the circle once and the second time around the engaged sister blows it out to announce her engagement to the other sisters.

I know it sounds lame, but I have dreamed of having a candlelighting and never in a million years thought I would get one. 

It was so much fun! Everyone was standing around beforehand talking and trying to guess who it was and it was so hard to keep my mouth shut! Love all those girls so much! Thank you for making this so special!

telling the story
 showing off my ring :)
 my awesome candle that my sweet little Sara made with inspiration by Linds

apparently it's our tradition :)
(from Bekah's candlelighting)

my favorite sweetheart- Bekah's fiance, Justin
my crazy littles
 favorite picture of the night, hands down

Today as we gather in our sisterhood
Remembering the moments and times that were good
To you, Alpha Gamma Delta, we'll always be true
Knowing the love and the friendship we've gained through you
I'll be a sister to all of the others
You'll know who I am by my badge set with pearls
I'll strive for perfection in all I endeavor
You'll be proud to be an Alpha Gam girl

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