Friday, October 8, 2010

Helloooooo, Fall

I so wish I could be the avid blogger that I used to be/ aspire to be, but school gets in the way of my whole life these days.

{one} midterm time. I can't believe the semester is half way over. my last semester of classes. so crazy! I turned in my internship (aka student teaching) application last week. Never mind the fact that I turned it in at 4:45 when it was due at 5. the point is that it is in. we got our student teaching assignments a few days ago and I'm going to be in Kindergarten! I am SO excited!!!! The idea of those precious babies is what will keep me going for the rest of the semester.

{two} I survived teaching 5th grade. And sometimes... I enjoyed myself. Do not mistake, I do not want to teach 5th grade. but I can. and that's all I needed to know. next week I will teach sped for 3 weeks and then 3rd grade for 3 weeks. I wanted to split this placement up because I feel like I need more sped experience. I'm really uncomfortable writing on my resume that I am a sped major with very little experience. it should be interesting.

{three} I graduate in 205 days.

{four} I also went on my first field trip to Elachee Nature Center. aka the true test of being a teacher. I think I passed.

{five} fall is officially here. this is how I know. perfect roof weather.

{six} Cosbie's mom got me this awesome fall candle. I'm in love.

{seven} I got this new double back. It's the first new one I've had since sophomore year. I'm real excited about it.

{eight} Today was North Georgia fall break so we had the day off and Hall County has Monday and Tuesday off so I have the full day Monday and half of the day Tuesday off too. unfortunately, strep throat invited itself to my fall break. not very happy about that at all.

{nine} Wednesday night has become my favorite night of the week because Wednesday night means Bible study night. some weeks they are what gets me through the week. I am so overwhelmingly blessed by them each week.

{ten} I'm seeing a knee specialist for a second opinion on Tuesday. maybe we'll get answers this time.

{eleven} the blog is under construction right now, so don't judge it by it's in between state right now.

happy fall, friends!


  1. 1. I love those kind of candles!
    2. I love that you took the picture of your new dback in your car...& it appears to be modeled by a steering wheel mannequin.
    3. I love the new background.
    4. I love that you care about the in between state of your blog. That's why you understand me.

  2. that's the same picture I sent you.
    from the Chick-fil-a drive thru haha