Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goin' To The Chapel Of Love

Once upon a time, a bunch of girls moved into A 100 of Donovan Hall. This girl didn't know anyone, but there was this loud, crazy girl named Bekah who lived down the hall and was also from Canton. Could this be a friend? At least it would be someone to talk to. Turns out I had all of my classes with said loud Bekah girl... and she wasn't so bad. In fact, I quite enjoyed her. So began a wonderful friendship turned sisterhood.

When I first met Bekah, her boyfriend Justin was at basic training and she hardly ever got to talk to him. They hadn't been dating very long, but she knew she was going to marry that boy. She used to sit on my futon and cry on the days when she missed him the most and, even though there was nothing I could do, I liked just being able to be there for her. The day she got to see him was so exciting! I got the privilege of watching Bekah and Justin's relationship almost from the beginning. As soon as we met him, we all loved Justin almost as much as Bekah did. Bekah and I made a pact that we would tell each other as soon as we got engaged and before the candlelighting (candlelighting: sorority thing; the engaged sister only tells the president who then notifies the chapter of the event known as a candlelighting; sisters stand in a circle, candle is lighted, and passed around twice: once all the way around, the second time the engaged sister blows it out, thus announcing her engagement; aka my one desire before graduation that will probably, most likely, definitely not happen.)

Last weekend, Justin finally made it official and put a ring on that poor girl's finger! Though Justin made Bekah keep silent, causing her to break our pact, I basically figured it out and was already tearing up when the candle started going around. I could not possibly be more excited for the two of them.

I don't think Bek and I have ever hugged as much as we did then. Nor have I ever cried so much at a candlelighting, haha.

showing off her ring

Justin just smiling and watching :)

"and then he got down on one knee..!"

the middle stone belonged to Justin's grandmother

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