Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dahlonega, Feels Like I've Struck Gold

2 things about this weekend:
{one} I took the GACE on Saturday. For you non education majors, that's the test I have to pass to be certified. big deal. I took general ed and special ed. two words about that: so hard. and by that I mean it's the hardest test I've ever taken. I legitimately made up one of my sped essay questions. Every bit of it. I'll find out my scores on November 15th.

{two} I missed Gold Rush on Saturday for said GACE which I was am very unhappy about. But I did get to go on Sunday and go to Rock-a-thon with my sweet sisters. And I got to see all my sweet friends who have graduated *cough*and left me all alone here*cough*. And Lindsey surprised me. :) It was the most wonderful surprise and much needed.
 And this guy came home for a day and came to see me :)

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