Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let The Celebrations Begin!

We had such a great time in Brunswick. Those precious boys are seriously awesome and I would hold sweet baby Philip all day long if I could. It's always so hard to leave them... but we had some great news to share when we got home!

Of course we were greeted with the camera as soon as we got there- which I love because we seriously have every bit of it in pictures and I love that.
Sunday night our families all came over to the Hollenbecks' for a little celebration. :) It was so perfect because we didn't have to worry about finding the time to see everyone like we wanted to in such a short time of being home. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful, loving, supportive people. 
LOVE this picture!

it was so fun to share our happiness with everyone and hear the proposal story from all sides: mine, Cosbie's, and our parents! so funny. I have a hard time with sharing stuff like that and my feelings about things sometimes in big groups, but I started to get over it about half way through the story.

and we got our 2nd present as an engaged couple! (our first being my first monogrammed thing- "H" napkins! and Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags from Jessica) The Barbers (family friends of the Hollenbecks) gave us a great book and I'm excited about reading it!

It was a wonderful night with our sweet families.

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