Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

dia ocho
a place you've been to

note: I intentionally did not do day 7 because I honestly don't have a favorite movie that I feel very passionate about and could never do the day as much justice as this girl.

this is hard. because I have 2 places and I don't want to pick. so I'm not going to.

Mexico: laughter. smiles. Spanish. "muchachas". block parties. chickens at prayer meetings. sunsets. ham and cheese sandwiches. apple pie. Mama Tori. Saul. Mauricio.
a piece of my heart is still there.

Panama: stress. craziness. teaching. precious babies. movies. mall. bread and cheese. Super 99. floods. heat. JJ Heller. new friends. orange sweaters.

Te extra├▒o mucho...

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  1. Did you take that one with the umbrella on the beach in Panama? It looks like a postcard! :)