Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Do

I was looking for my last To Do list of the semester to take a picture of and put it here, but then I remembered that I threw it away last week in a fit of rage/ celebration. So what you need to know is that it filled the entire front and back of a piece of notebook paper. All school work, for one week. So you can imagine the excitement I felt when this was my list for the next few days:

-work on my blog (yay for new fun things!)
-blog a lot
-make Kelly's treat for London
-make Lindsey's treat for graduation
-make a new journal
-go to lunch with Kelly and her new iPad (we missed you Kelly and Brooklyn!)
-email Jessica
-email Savannah
-start my new Kay Arthur study
-catch up on my shows
-watch Parenthood
-make a playlist for Panama
-sleep late

I am a fan of this to do list :)

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