Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Junior Year: BAM, Roasted!

I have survived the first year of the education program. Nothing has ever almost gotten the best of me like that before in my whole life. Nothing has ever made me want to give up so much before in my life. I honestly thought that I couldn't do it. When I had 6 days of classes left (that's 3 days of each class) I made a list of all of my assignments I had due and when. I had 32 different things on this list. And that was just assignments; that didn't include Alpha Gam stuff or teaching every day or Bible study. To say that I was freaking out would be an understatement. Linds made us paper chains of all of our assignments left.

I'll give you one guess as to which one is mine. yep, that stinks.

Many of you know that I am horrible at math. In fact, a teacher that I am rather close with has presented the idea that I may have a learning disability. way to shoot my pride. and I can't believe I would even mention that here, but there it is. out there for all to know. I will check my pride at the door. Anyway, that being said, this time last week I had a 69.3 in math. I am not a good student because I hate school, but I get good grades. This year math just knocked me down for the count. I went to her for help (though it didn't help much at all) and did a little extra credit activity that moved my grade up to a 70. I started studying for this final on Wednesday. The final wasn't until the next Thursday. I made a practice test with questions from our tests and did it over and over. The day before the test I finished my other finals at 2:00 in the afternoon and started studying as soon as I got home. I moved locations a few times, but I left the library at 2:00 that morning where I studied for 2 more hours because I was so stressed I couldn't sleep. Woke up the next morning and studied for about an hour, went to physical therapy, and studied another hour. I have never been so nervous about a test before but also have never left a math test feeling so confident before in my life. All of that work paid off when I got an 82 on the test and PASSED! PTL! I ended up with a 76 in the class. I brought my grade up 6 points in less than a week. My goodness, that was hard. I am thankful that I NEVER have to take a math class again!!!

So I did it. I survived 2 semesters of 20 hours of classes and came out with all A's... except for C's in math both semesters.

Things I learned in my first year of the education program:
-frolicking is the preferred method of exercise
-a made up student always follows your behavior intervention plan perfectly
-exit interviews always elicit an emotional breakdown
-I will want to change my major at least once each semester
-waking up right before time to be at placement and still looking presentable is a form of art
-we get prizes for answering questions right and candy during breaks
-every teacher loves to eat
-an all nighter is necessary at least once per semester
-coffee is essential
-commuter appreciation day means free chick fil a sandwiches which is awesome
-this is the time that everyone starts getting engaged
-carpool is always eventful
-Bible study with such wonderful girls keeps me sane and grounded
-you tube videos of neti pots are not abnormal
-teaching on crutches is hard
-I am prepared to be a great teacher

senior year begins in Panama 1 week from today!

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  1. Oh girl... I was never able to pull an all-nighter. Ever. Not once. The closest I came was staying up until about 4am... and then I slept till 7am. I'm sure I would have made at least one letter-grade higher had I been able to. Coffee is essential... so glad you like it. You must try Green Mountain's Island Coconut Coffee. Surprisingly good. As is the Wild Mountain Blueberry. I'm not a huge fan of blueberries, but this coffee tastes a lot like a blueberry bagel. Pretty amazing. Don't mention the e-word. Blasphemy ;-) Bible study with wonderful girls is a huge blessing... I'm sure you will always have a group like them, but make sure you do. It makes a huge difference!! And... you ARE prepared to be a great teacher. SO excited to see where you'll be in a couple years!!