Saturday, June 27, 2009

St. Simon's, Here I Come!

I'm meeting Ali, Meg, and Leon at Starbucks in less than 5 hours. And I just got home. And haven't started packing. And my head is pounding. On the flip side, I had a wonderful surprise adventure with Timothy tonight. I was doing the surprising and he did not like that very much, but he likes me enough that he went along with it, right Timmy? ;) Absolutely fabulous night filled with a picnic in Centennial Park and a fun drive in movie in Atlanta and my favorite person. Can't get much better than that. Unfortunately it had to end with a very tearful goodbye (on my end of things) and a very long even more tearful drive home which resulted in this awful headache. Please be praying while I'm at camp: for my girls, for the staff, and for the huddle leaders. And pray for Timmy while he is in Costa Rica for 32 very long days. I know the Lord is going to do such fabulous things with both of us and I can't wait to blog it all :) See you in 2 weeks friends!

ps- about that loving of morning... not so much the case when I have slept for less than 2 hours and meet that morning at 6 am. makes me want to recant that statement... o

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