Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Love Morning

Yes, you read that right. I just said that I love the morning. We first began our love saga back in May while I was on my way to Timmy's house before Kati's graduation. It was insanely early and I only slept about 3 hours the night before, so I was feeling a little discouraged about being out of bed and all. But something changed as I cruised down 575. Suddenly I looked around at the rather empty road and the beautiful sun shining through those fluffy clouds in that perfectly blue sky and I just had to smile. The rest of the day was such a glorious day and I felt like I had accomplished so much, even though that mostly consisted of sitting through graduation, laying at the pool, and babysitting.

This morning that perfect morning and I met again and fell in love. I woke up around 9:30 and decided to eat my breakfast in bed. Then I delved into my Esther study, still feeling a tad bit apprehensive about it. Esther and I finally became friends. I am really starting to see how this can apply to my life and I'm excited about tomorrow! I read for a little while (or a lot) longer and then decided to try that old 30 Day Shred business. And I still hate Jillian Michaels. By the time I was done it was time for lunch with Kelly, followed by some errands, laundry, smoothies with Chelle, church, and a fun filled night at the Totten household.

What a wonderful, productive day! That morning time and I just might start meeting again more often.

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