Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Inheritance

There is a song on the new Travis Cottrell CD called My Inheritance. Marcus put it on our CD for our beach trip and I immediately fell in love with it. Today the CD came out and Tammy bought it for me and I am obsessed with it! I started thinking about the word inheritance on my way home tonight. The song says: "I will dance, I will sing, Jesus, You're my everything. You're my treasure, my inheritance. I am rich, I am blessed, in Your love and faithfulness. You're my treasure and forever You are my inheritance."

inheritance: property passing at the owner's death to the heir or those entitled to succeed.

When Jesus died, He made us his successors, those entitled to everything that He owns. And the things that He owns are far more important than those of this earth: joy, peace, life, eternity, happiness, contentment, friendship, love. The definition says "those entitled". The thing is, we aren't anywhere near entitled to anything that He could possibly give us. Day after day we turn against Him and hurt Him. I don't deserve anything that He could give me, but He gives willingly. Without His inheritance, I have nothing. It's amazing that He could look beyond my faults and transgressions and give me a full and eternal life.

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