Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"I Feel Like We Just Signed A Marriage License"

Yesterday morning my dear friend Lindsey Carter and I signed our lease for the upcoming year! I still can hardly believe that we haven't even know each other very long. I met Linds toward the end of my freshman year when she made a visit for Jessi's senior spotlight. We hung out for a couple hours and that was the extent of our relationship. When I found out that she was transferring back to North Ga this past fall, I just thought it would be fun to have another member of our AGD family here. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Without Linds, I wouldn't have someone to document my life through pictures, cry happy tears with on the way back from a Wal Mart trip, make m&m pancakes with, stalk Karen Kingsbury and Dave Barnes, eat crazy core Skittles and sour gummy Starburts with, and pull all nighters. But more than that, she shares my heart, no matter what it's feeling that day. I don't know how I made it 19 years without her friendship. As one of our Alpha Gam songs goes, "got along without you before [I] met you, can't get along with you now"

the day we met
bid day '09
my first trip to Preacher's Rock

some words from my favorite Lindsey:
My dearest, favorite Cait,
Friend, sister, and soulmate,
Little did we know last April on that day
That we would be roommates somewhere along the way.
I said, "hi, you're fam, let's take a photo!"
And strangely enough, you didn't say "no"
Because of Karen we formed a bond
(and of her we are still very fond).
The Baxters are your family, too.
Just because of that, my love for you grew.
You share my jokes & tears & fears
& I wish I'd known you in previous years.
I love surprises of starburst and skittles,
& I'm ever-thankful for your 2 littles!
I am jealous of your espanol,
& talking like you is my life goal.
Right now I'm sitting in a boring class
Wishing I had some chocolate milk in a glass
& also that I could just go to bed
& yes, my friend, that's what she said.
Later when you live elsewhere, I'll come to visit
On a plane my kids will all sit
To come to visit the United Nations
^that's what Linds says my house will be with all my adopted kids^
Made of Mexicans, Africans, Chinese, & Haitians
Thanks for liking it when I act like your mom
Because I think you're "the"

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