Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Gold Rush College Town

Monday I came up to Dahlonega to spend some time with Savannah. She is taking classes and since I am doing nothing productive whatsoever at home, we decided it was time for a visit. Monday afternoon began with a long overdue trip to the outlets upon the discovery of the awesome shorts Sav was wearing. It was love at first sight and I could hear them calling to me all the way from Dawsonville. When we got back we discovered that we are getting old. When compared to the shorts I wore last summer, my shorts of summer 09 are a good 2 inches longer. Thank you modesty for prompting me to cover up my large backside. If you're lucky, I might even produce and ode much like that dedicated to the greatest fashion find of 08, and if that actually means something to you, then you have been a faithful bloggy friend for a long time and are much appreciated. Anyway, our return to the apartment was accompanied with the discovery of some way outdated milk (I'm talking end of April here people) in the fridge that our roommates were so kind to leave us and dirty dishes, both of which did produce some good laughs. Welcome back Cait and Sav, compliments of living with strangers. We did a mass dump of the fridge and hauled 3 huge bags all throughout Owen Hall to the dumpster. I tell you what, we felt like we were doing a Biggest Loser challenge (which in turn reminded us that we have not stuck with the 30 Day Shred like we were supposed to). Kristin graced us with her presence about 9:00, smack dab in the middle of Bachelorette so she's lucky we love her so much. For the rest of the night we enjoyed our favorite snack of cinnamon rolls and talked each other's ears off. Kristin and I didn't shut up until about 3:30. It had been way too long.

This morning we had what Sav and I call a "Saturday Morning". We slept late, had our favorite breakfast, and watched He's Just Not That Into You. What better way to spent the first part of the day than laying around in your PJ's with your friends? We ventured to Chick Fil A at about 3 for a mid day meal, if you will, where I ran into my grandparents, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, after hanging out at Chick Fil A longer than normal people should, Kristin had to leave us to get back home. Sav and I headed back to Dawsonville for the evening and treated ourselves to a Chick Fil A milkshake for dinner. Apparently there was a 50's celebration at the Chick that no one told us about! We would have worn our poodle skirts and would have fit right in! Instead we felt awkward about the enthusiastically dresses employees and were terrified Elvis was going to come over and dance with us. Yes, he was there. The king is back in business friends. Oh what an experience! Tonight we just relaxed, made a late night run to good ole Micky D's which we will regret in the morning... or right now, and sipped coffee (ok that was just me) as we did homework and watched Slumdog Millionaire.

As we were sitting there I couldn't help but think about how much I will miss this. These moments are what college is really about. Yeah, we have to do the work and all, but this is what it all comes down to. This is what we will remember. I am so blessed to have these wonderful, godly women in my life. Though our apartment is a piece of junk and we often hate it, this is where we have made the most memories. We've had a fight in the hall way, tears (mostly mine) shed all over this place, life changing moments, and more laughter than I could even begin to explain. These are the days we'll remember; the lazy, unproductive days spend in a little gold rush college town.

us before the PIKE halloween social

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