Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010

Passion 2010. The best 4 days of my life. Seems like a drastic statement, but it's truth. God really did a work on my heart in those 4 days.

I spent recruitment apart from my sisters being a Pi Chi with these lovely ladies.

which, unfortunately, ended in breaking my leg. the next 3 months were full of many tears, lots of pain, doctor and specialist appointments, and God truly doing a miracle and teaching me what it means to really trust Him.

our first big snow of the year! and the biggest snow man I have ever seen. the first half of the year was marked with spending much time with these precious friends.

and a few weeks later, camping. we went to the farm where Mary used to work and helped fix some things around the farm, spent time with each other, rode 4 wheelers, and slept in the barn. I'm not much of a camper really, but I love my friends and if going camping is how I get to spend time with them, I'll do it. and that broken leg was not going to ruin my fun.

more snow?! we were surprised with another snow day. what does a North Ga student do on a snow day? go sledding down the drill field of course. and the crutches still weren't going to hold me back.

I also turned 21 and spent my birthday and spring break here.
when I got back from spring break, I got to go ahead to throw the crutches down and start walking! a month and a half earlier than originally planned. 
and our AGD Lambda family grew as we initiated the youngest members.

AGD spring formal. the best one yet. lots of fun friends. lots of good food. lots of dancing. and we left early and had a game night at Sara and Melea's.

On April 26, I finished my junior year, which I thought would be the death of me. And that night my life changed forever when I met Cosbie Hollenbeck.

May was a big month. I spent the month in Panama and completed my Spanish minor. The people and children I met in Panama changed me forever.

on June 6, I went on my first date with this guy
and I knew I couldn't ever let him go.

my Big became Mrs. Shostak

and I headed to St. Simon's for my 3rd year working week 1 of camp

at the last minute, I was asked to work week 2 of camp.

the best group of huddle leaders I have ever been blessed to work with

senior year.
back to Dahlonega.
back Ruby Hollow.
without Linds.

I went to my first Georgia Tech football game. and got so sunburned.

and had to wear this thing

Alpha Gamma Delta Cheers for Charity

my last Gold Rush as a collegiate.

Cosbie and I went to spend the weekend with Coach and Jessica and meet baby Philip for the first time. and this is where we got engaged.
October 22. the sweetest words: "will you be my wife?"

my candlelighting.

my first hike since breaking my leg to my favorite place with some of my favorite girls.

our first Thanksgiving together.
and I bought my wedding dress but I can't put a picture on here :)

25 straight days with Cosbie. the most time I've ever had. and the best 25 days.

engagement pictures

my sweet friend Carrie became Mrs. Lee!

our first white Christmas together

Goodbye, 2010.
2011: the year of graduation and marriage.
bring it on.


  1. LOVED seeing your year in review and pray your 2011 is completely blessed and full of joy!
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. I love that 2010 began with the best 4 days & ended with the best 25 days :)