Monday, December 6, 2010

Photographical Treasures

some photos of fun from my last few weeks of the semester.

best cupcake EVER. thank you, Gabriel's. 

the shower curtain that I love but Cosbie won't let me register for to go in our bathroom. guest bathroom, maybe?

my uncle couldn't remember how old my cousin was. so he bought the wrong candles. then broke the 2.
 we got 3 cakes, 6 cupcakes, brownies, and a loaf of pumpkin bread from Gabriel's for free after our consultation with them a few weeks back. this was all that was left after a few days. so good! and such nice people!
 Santa Daisy, hurry down the chimney tonight...
 reason #45 I love reading the Bible in Spanish: they love exclamation marks as much as I do.
 I love coming home to this at night.
 sweet baby Philip as baby Jesus. can't wait to see those boys soon!
 turns out I have a knack for locking my keys in my car... and an awesome Daddy
 cheesy church sign
 Preacher's Rock
 my future student teaching classroom! can't wait for January!
 Ashley walked into my house wearing this festive accessory. gotta love it.

the semester is over, I'm home for a month, and so is Cosbie! we have 25 whole days together! this has never happened in the history of us knowing each other. excited in an understatement :)

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