Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twas The Night Before Christmas

I'm not sure when our Christmas Eve traditions actually started, but we have done the same things as long as I can remember. We always start with Christmas Eve service at Noonday. We always eat a spaghetti dinner at my aunt and uncle's house, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and help the boys put out reindeer dust and carrots for the reindeer. And as we leave my dad picks up every carrot from the yard and takes a big bite out of it. #dedicateduncle

This Christmas Eve was wonderful, but required a little pep talk to myself. Change is hard. And not being selfish is hard when I want something so badly. In my perfect world, I wanted to be everywhere and see everyone and please both families... all at the same time. I wanted Cosbie to be with my family and didn't want to miss dinner with the boys but I wanted to be at church with him and with his family too. Truth is there just weren't enough hours in the day. Knowing that I would get to see my family the next day, it only made sense to spend the night with his family. I knew that was the most reasonable choice, but it was hard. Really hard. I loved spending every second of the day with Cosbie, but I missed my family.

It was a great but long day. Started with breakfast at The Flying Biscuit, aka my new favorite breakfast place, with part of Cosbie's family. From there we headed toward Briarlake because Cosbie had a meeting before sound check. Service at Briarlake, then to the Hollenbecks' for dinner and Christmas with Granny and Mike. They are such a generous family and I was so surprised at how they spoiled me: a new jewelry box, jewelry, scarf, sweater, personalized notecards. Even though mine and Cosbie's relationship has been very quick, being there feels right and comfortable. But the night wasn't over. Cosbie had to work a 11:00 service... that lasted until 12:40, making for a very late night.

Exhaustion on top of emotions running high anyway made for a bit of an emotional night. I was sad that I had missed my family, sad that I only had one more day with Cosbie, worried about the weather ruining our plans (which it did), and a little sentimental that this would be my last Christmas waking up a the house with my parents. It's just a lot of change. And change is hard. But good. And exciting. And even though there were a few tears, there were also tears of happiness, because this was the best Christmas Eve I've ever had.

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