Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Christmas morning I got up and hung out with my mom for a little while before getting ready and waking up my dad. We decided to wait on Cosbie to open presents and open all of our presents at once. Cosbie got a new GPS and was mesmerized by it for a good while. I got a new big jacket (perfect timing for the snow), some books for my classroom (including On The Night You Were Born- my favorite!), perfume, Just Dance Wii games (aka my wedding weight loss plan) and my favorite candle. I got Cosbie some Chacos, a new coffee cup, and made him a bigger blanket to take on the road. I've made a lot of blankets over the years, but never this big! What you need to know is that, while I am the creative one, Cosbie is the one who spoils. And spoil me he did, in his true fashion. He got me this black flower that goes on a sweater or in your hair that I saw months ago (I love a good flower) a brown Coach purse that I absolutely LOVE! The best part is that it has pockets for all of my stuff. Every time I dropped something into my old purse, Cosbie would tell me that it was going to get lost in that dark abyss. I have brown hipster purse that I have loved until it is flat worn out and is in pretty rough condition. He just couldn't resist and got me a black one to replace it. I am way too spoiled.

After presents and hanging out for a little while, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Hollenbecks' house. It was starting to snow so we thought it would be best to take my parents' Jeep instead of our little cars. Unfortunately, the snow was not letting up and we were only there for about 45 minutes before my dad called and told us we needed to get back. We got back to my house just as the roads were getting icy and ended up staying there for the rest of the night. I did, however, manage to get Cosbie to come out and play with me for a little bit.

 I thought that holding his expensive camera would keep him from throwing snow balls at me, but he still got a few in

It was a wonderful day, but frustrating at the same time. We had planned to spend the afternoon with his family before heading to Christmas with my family. This was my last day with Cosbie before he goes out of town again. I was upset that he couldn't come to Christmas with my family, but was glad he was at least coming to part of it. But the snow kept us from going there, and also caused him and Rachel to have to spend the night at our house. Even though it wasn't what we thought it would be, it was still a great day. A memorable first Christmas together for sure. :) The only downfall is that it is the beginning of not seeing Cosbie much for a long time. I will get a few days next week, but that will be all for the month of January. This is also the case for much of February and March. After being able to be with him for so long, it was hard for him to leave again, especially because the wives got to go on this trip. But that's just something to look forward to after May 21. I can't wait until next Christmas when we can be together and have our first Christmas in our own house (or most likely apartment) together and many more to come. :)

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