Saturday, July 11, 2009

What I Will NOT Miss About Camp

-wiping dirt out of my bed

-never being able to keep my hair straight

-checking every girl’s bed for bugs at night


-wearing a backpack for over half of my day

-the heat

-morning workouts

-mosquitoes. At one point I had 15 bug bites. I never get bug bites

 -not being able to shut the door to the bathroom stall because my knees hit the door

-wearing shoes in the shower

-sand/dirt everywhere

-having to wear shoes even in the cabin

-being responsible for every action of 8 or 9 other people besides myself

-having dinner type meals for lunch. I can’t tell you how many times we said to each other, “can I just have a sandwich please?”

-having 1 shower for 10 girls

-showering in an area so small that it is nearly impossible to shave your legs

-feeling dirty 10 minutes after showering because the humidity and sand

-never wearing anything besides gym shorts and a t shirt. While this is comfy, it gets old, especially blue and white shirts for 2 weeks.

-wearing a name tag

-being hit on by high school boys because they think I'm 16

-waking up 9 girls in the morning

-making 9 girls go to bed every night

-counting to 9 at least 50 times a day to make sure everyone is there, and looking for the missing ones

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