Tuesday, July 21, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Favorite things as of late:

1- being in my apartment with Savannah
2- my summer songs CD and Sav's CD entitled "Cait Moss you're so boss"
3- the interesting foods Sav and I always end up eating
4- coffee on the couch
5- Saturday mornings on Monday afternoons
6- watching Millionaire Matchmaker, NYC Prep, and Miami Social for... well, too many hours.
7- late night talks with Kristin, just like old times. accompanied by a text from Sav (who was supposed to be sleeping because she has a 7:30 am class) at 2:30 asking me to turn the air on, and then she joined us around 3 am. all went to bed at 4. perfect night.
8- talking to my boyfriend on facebook chat (Thank You Jesus for facebook chat!) and the fact that I get to see him in one week!
9- the new journal I'm in the process of making. it might be my favorite one I've made.
10- triathlons. especially with the Totten girls. so much fun. and Marcus is awesome.
11- reliving camp in my car complete with a little too much enthusiasm every time Undignified comes on and the strange looks I get from the people in the other cars.
12- facebook chatting with Sav from our rooms. with our doors open. as in we could talk to each other if we wanted, but we choose facebook.
13- Karen Kingsbury's new book, Take Two.
14- sitting around the drill field with my Bible and having such great time with God that I lose all track of time.
15- having a best friend who pulls the gray hairs out of my head. yep, that really happened earlier today. I'm officially old.

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