Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Songs

Because Boo Mama, Big Mama, and Linds all did it... 

1. Someday Soon, Francesca Battistelli- I'm obsessed. I think it has the most precious lyrics and is so sweet and certain parts are exactly what my heart feels.
2. Marry Me, Ed Cash- again, obsessed. Cissie showed me this song during registration at camp and the tears just started falling. It's so sweet and because it starts out "I knew the moment I first saw you, our love was meant to be, it was only a matter of God's time" Perfect? I think so.
3. I Cannot Hide My Love, Cambridge- this was the song of VBS. I really cannot hide my love for Jesus! "My heart will have to sing!" And boy does it sing. Loud and proud every moment of every day. Sometimes I feel like my heart is just about to burst.
4. Two Weeks In Africa, Cademan's Call- because even if I can't be in Africa, my heart is there with Sara and Mary.
5. All That We Are, Hello August- It is truly my prayer that I become desperate for His love.
6. Undignified, David Crowder- over the past year I have really found what it means to be undignified for the Lord, and this was the song for FCA leadership camp. our legs were sore from so much jumping around!
7. Crazy Beautiful, Chasen- it reminds me who I am in Christ on the days I'm not lookin or feelin so hot.
8. Take To The World, Derek Webb- what we learn at camp or in church means nothing unless we take it to the lost!
9. Just Wanna Be With You, HSM- thank you, Troy and Gabriella. I just love to sing this song, and also, I do just wanna be with him. Timmy that is, not Troy, though I am a fan of him too.
10. Mi Dios Puede Salvar (Mighty to Save), Hillsong- I love being able to worship in 2 different languages. most of the time I switch back and forth, but I don't think God minds.
11. Close, Rascal Flatts- it's just really fun to sing! loud and with the windows down!
12. Must Have Done Something Right, Relient K- I don't know what I did to deserve this great guy in my life, but this song says exactly how I feel.
13. Vision of You, Shane and Shane- I want to keep developing my vision of Him. and I think there is so much power in the statement, "let the vision of You be the death of me"
14. In Christ Alone (with The Solid Rock), Travis Cottrell- this song makes me tear up almost every time. I love being so dependent on Christ to get me through every step. And there is just so much power in this song!
15. At Least We Made It This Far, Relient K- because I am sure that if Timmy and I can get through a month of barely talking to each other then we will be just fine when we are 7 hours apart in the fall. It reminds me to stay positive.

oh summer, how I love thee.

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