Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Made to Worship

Last night I went to Passion City Church. The title of the sermon was "Extravagant Worship". So much goes under the heading "worship", but most of us think about the singing that goes on right before the sermon. I strongly believe that worship is also the way that I live my life, but I must admit that this sterotypical worship is by far my favorite form. Music is my thing, and it reaches my heart more than any other thing possibly can. When I was growing up, worship was dull and lacking in passion. Everyone just stood with their hymnal and sang the words on the page, rather than from the heart. (now I know, who am I to judge the condition of anyone's heart, but have some passion people) But what could possibly be more pleasing to God than all of His children singing songs to Him with total reckless abandonment? When you do something that you are proud of, or even nothing out of the ordinary, and someone compliments you, it makes you happy. Imagine how happy it makes God to hear us telling Him how amazing He is! From the moment I was born, He loved me. He pursued me. He never gave up on me, even when I gave up on Him. When I turned away from Him and ran, He waited. He cried with me when my heart was hurting. He rejoiced with me when I was happy. He accepts me just as I am, knowing that I will let Him down every single day, and loves me anyway. How could I possibly give anyone or anything else my praise?! I was made to worship, but it is my choice who or what I worship. Who else could be more worthy? Don't be afraid to worship with all you have. Don't be afraid to be undignified. Dance if you feel like dancing, even if it's in the baptist church. Be happy! We are redeemed, forgiven, saved, and set free! So act like it, and do what you do best: worship.

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