Friday, May 8, 2009

Caitlin Needs...

I stumbled across this on another blog when Carrie was over and we just thought it was too funny!

Type in "(your name) needs" in Google and list the first ten things that come up.

1. Caitlin needs a diet.
Yes, I do, however I did not so much need Google to tell me this. thanks a lot Google.

2. Caitlin needs to grow and develop her own sense of self.
Actually, I am very comfortable with my growth and development of my sense of self.

3. Caitlin needs to be in a hospital.
umm... no thank you..?

4. Caitlin needs a "B" in chemistry to stay eligible for basketball.
They have obviously never seen me play basketball because if they had then they wouldn't want me to stay eligible. Come to think of it, they obviously haven't seen me do chemistry either or else they would know that I would not get a B.

5. Caitlin needs to move back to Indy.
I would prefer to stay here, thank you.

6. Caitlin needs to spend a large amount of time each day on the internet in order to work on a much less exciting but essential aspect of the project: fundraising.
I don't even know what to say about that... hmm...

7. Caitlin needs a permanent family to love and care for her.
wow, Google knows how to pull my heart strings.

8. Caitlin needs to get away.
if it's to another country, yes, yes I do.

9. Caitlin needs a farmer boy.
no thanks.

10. (this is my favorite) Caitlin needs the girls' help to rescue her beloved Ice Bear from the human world.

also, this is really sketchy, but there are many websites that say "for all of your Caitlin needs" I'm not entirely sure what this means nor did I want to really find out.

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