Sunday, March 21, 2010

"21: welcome to adulthood" -Daddy

I am a fan of the birthday week. Or 2, in this case. It's a great way of life I feel everyone should adopt. The first day of this birthday (Monday) began with 2 things: 1. Passion Live Link at Center Stage in Atlanta. Linds, Sara, Heather, and I drove to Atlanta and it was one of the best worship experiences of my life. Being able to go was kinda like Jesus' birthday present to me because not everyone knew where it was and most people had to watch online. 2. This from my sweet Little Sara
it's 2 little canvases with some of my favorite Mexico pictures on them. the little white parts are parts of my blog that she printed in cute fonts and put with the pictures. it's perfect and I'm in love.

Day 2 was delivered in the mail from my sweet Mama. 21 things she loves about me. bring on the tear fest. (don't judge her grammar. she's an accountant.)

Thursday consisted of chicken lime tacos, spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing, my wonderful roommate, best friend, and this anorak from Sav. confession: she told me earlier in the week that I wasn't allowed to go to The Embroidery Shop (where she works) and buy anything until after my birthday. so of course I knew that she got me something from there. I told Heather later that day that I hoped that it was an anorak and that my letters would be in turquoise. clearly she knows me very well :)

Thursday night also included a present that had forbidden me from Lindsey's room all week long. She made me this wooden box that has one of my favorite verses on top (A heart at peace gives life to the body. Proverbs 14:30) and inside she wrote a bunch of quotes and verses. I am constantly writing things I like on index cards but my bulletin board gets so full so fast! I can't wait to fill up my box! (a picture will come, but the one I took was really blurry and no one is in our apartment to send me a pic)

Spring break officially began on Friday at 10:30! It was supposed to be the day we left for the beach... but Baileigh was really really sick all week so her parents wanted to make sure she was ok before they cleared us to head to Destin. Friday night Sav, Haley, and I headed to Winder for the night where we treated ourselves to pedicures and went to dinner with Bai's family. 

Saturday morning we left bright and early at 5 am (actually 4:50. yes, we were actually early). We were there by lunch time and spent the day getting our groceries and shopping because it was a little too chilly for the beach.

Sunday was my actual birthday which consisted on lots of laying on the beach and relaxing. Which is basically what Monday and Tuesday consisted of as well. It was a little chilly at first, but soon enough we found a place that blocked the wind and shed our coverups and sweatshirts and got lots of sun :)

And I came home to a bunch of birthday surprises on the kitchen table, as well as these fabulous new Chacos which I adore. And Daddy and I went on a Mexican date. I treasure those with him so much.

Yesterday was an absolutely wonderful day. I slept in til 10, stayed in bed reading until almost 12, and just got some stuff done around the house. Then Sarah and I had an incredibly successful day of shopping and it was so great to be able to hang out with her one last time before she went back to Chicago, especially considering I won't see her again until August. Friday night I got to have dinner with Kati and Tammy, which was longggg overdue. They are just so wonderful to be with and I am so incredibly thankful that they are in my life. It was a night full of a ton of catching up, even more shopping, and my succumbing to peer pressure and riding one of these suckers. And also complete with some more great birthday presents in the form of a perfect bag and awesome scarves.

Last but not least, tonight I went out to dinner with Kelly, Mary, Mike, and TK and Kelly got me this!
yes, that's a pink pocket knife, my friends. I am always having to get one of the boys to cut things for me and I just love the idea of having a cute little pink pocket knife. the trick is going to be making sure it is never in my car or my purse when I go teach! haha

Summation: a birthday that lasts 2 weeks is a good birthday, for sure. A bit over the top? possibly. But I'm alright about it. 

So thankful for such wonderful friends. Thanks for making this such a great birthday. I love y'all!

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