Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekly Recap

I have to agree with Linds and say that I am the worst at knowing at all what day it is during the summer. Maybe one day I will actually do this on a Friday like I'm supposed to. Since I am really falling behind on my blogging these days, I feel like it's ok to post on a Tuesday.

{I'm dreaming of you} St. Simon's, and all that you entail.

18 days and I will be there!

{song on repeat} Look So Easy, by Dave Barnes. I love the new CD!

{gotta write it down} "seek My face and you will find fulfillment of your deepest longings." -Jesus Calling

longings. it's a word that keeps coming up in my life lately. it's so much more than a want. my heart longs for things so much it hurts sometimes. but in Him I find fulfillment. such a simple concept that I so easily forget.

{lesson learned} when I try to plan my life and do things on my timing, I think that God laughs and throws me for a loop. a good loop, but a big loop. the best thing is that His plans are always 1000 times better than mine were in the first place.

{picture to frame} I sure am missing these precious faces these days.

{highlight of the week} seeing Case, Linds, and Em on Saturday.

{weekend to-do list} Tory and Taylor's dance recital. coffee/ lunch/ afternoon with Case, Linds, and Em. good, quality time with Kelly. Buckhead church. then the best Sunday night I've ever had. all of which equals a good weekend.

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