Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Been A While

My blogging has been slacking something major these days. I have been rather preoccupied. It is possible that the full extent of the happenings of my life will come to you, my dear bloggy friends, soon... if I am feeling rather feisty in my blogging. Tomorrow I finally have a free day. A free day that has many plans in fact.

1. do laundry
2. clean my room (I actually just took a picture of my room to put here and then realized that my extensive sleepiness was clearly causing me to make bad decisions. it's a wreck, y'all.)
3. blog. yes, we shall meet again very soon. about Case's wedding, camp, my thoughts on my very first precept Bible study, life, etc. exciting times, my friends.
4. review everything from Bible study tonight (we are doing Revelation and it is blowing my mind and takes a couple times of going over it for it to sink in for me)
5. respond to many emails.
6. finish my book.
7. go to dinner at Sarah's.

so basically the point of this is more to less to say yes, I am here. and I shall return with legit bloggy goodness very soon.

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