Thursday, June 24, 2010

48 Hours

until the camp festivities begin! Tomorrow I pack most of the day and get any last minute things I need. And make these for all my girls: 
... except the ones I make will have a much smaller bow. they are for high school girls, not 7 year olds (but you better believe I will be making these for a precious little Chinese girl of my own one day)
Friday morning will be a morning with my mom and probably getting a few even more last minute things then a much needed La Parilla lunch date with Kati. Lindsey (not roommate Lindsey. I have a lot of Lindseys in my life) and I are meeting up with Lauren and headed to Cissie's house in Athens for the night. I am so ready to be with them and catch up. They are like a breath of fresh air.
(Cissie, Linds, me, Lauren)

I am already so excited I can hardly sleep! I can't wait to be on the island again and be at Epworth. Every year it's a life changing experience for me. I can't wait to meet my girls. It's so awkward at first but I love it. I love them. I wonder what they will be like. I can't wait to be their "mom" for a week and take care of them. I can't wait for my attire to mostly consist of my Nike shorts, t shirt, and Chacos and to have those awful corresponding tan lines. It's going to be great. God is going to do great and wonderful things and I cannot wait to see what they are!!

2008- Huddle 8: Alice, Macey, Ann, Abbi, Victoria, Hope, Megan, Sydney, Megan, and Beth.

week 1- huddle 16: Sarah Beth, Elizabeth, Karis, Alexis, Kristen, Lauren, Kalli, Reesa, and Jessica

week 2- Huddle 7: Becca, Caroline, Danielle, Lisa, Simone, Alli, Jeanette, and Alex

"everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades, never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame"

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