Saturday, September 19, 2009

We Shall Henceforth Call This The Night Of Brotherly Love Con Las Hermanitas Companeras

Tuesday morning Henry did some marriage counseling with Manuel and Elaina. We all definitely supported and agreed that it was a good idea, but it didn't leave us much to do since we kinda needed to make ourselves scarce. So we spent the morning by the pool. I actually kinda feel bad for the tan that I've gotten here, but in my defense, it doesn't take a whole lot of sun since it's still so close to summer.

We spent most of the late afternoon walking around region 235 talking with the families and playing with the kids. The whole goal was to build relationships, and if you are nice to a person's kids then they will love you. It's scientifically proven. We got to talk to a ton of people and gave out lots of candy and balloons. These kids loved balloons! And they were hilarious about the candy. They would run to another street and meet us when we got there, as if we wouldn't recognize them. And they always needed one for their little brother, little sister, or cousin. So cute.

That night is when celebrations for Independence Day start. (contrary to popular belief, Independence Day is not Cinco de Mayo) Mauricio took Sam, Linds, and I to hang out with some of his friends. His friend Oscar is a pastor and also has a rehab center. He is an ex drug addict and alcoholic and has a heart for helping those people. Right now he has about 35 in the rehab center and is running about 250 at his church each week. God is really doing great things through him! Point of that is 1. to brag on God and 2. that we went to a party at his church where we had ice cream in a bag and it was the greatest ice cream I have ever had. After the party we met up with some other guys and played pool. They were so much fun and seriously some of the sweetest guys I have ever met. Great night with great people.

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