Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Impossible To Have A Bad Hair Day When You're Wearing A Do Rag

Thursday was our last day in Mexico and was our "play day". We slept in late and had an early lunch before heading out to spend the day on Isla de Mujeres. (translation: island of the women. real funny.) It is about a 30 minute drive and 30 minute ferry ride from Cancun (another side note in which you can laugh at my expense: I accidentally typed "fairy" instead of "ferry". I'm real tired, obviously.) Mauricio is working on another mission house over there so I was real excited to be able to see it too! We rented a golf cart to take around the island, and off the mission house we went!

We had plans to bring Mauricio's truck back to Cancun via the ferry when we came back so that he could sell it so buy a BIG something special for his precious girlfriend. When we pulled up the mission house, Mauricio's first words were "guys, where's my truck?" That's never a good sign. The poor guy seriously could not catch a break this week. So long story short, his truck was moved by some careless road pavers when they needed to pave the road and they did a little bit of damage, which sent us to the police station to file a complaint. Seems monotonous and not so leisurely, but I really loved driving all over that beautiful island, smushed in that tiny golf cart.

We spent about 2 hours (maybe?) at the beach and had so much fun just hanging out. I really love this place. It's so beautiful. I can hardly believe it. I am really praying about what to do next as far as Mexico goes. I really feel like God has given me a huge heart for these people and this country and I really feel like He is not done with me there. I don't know what that means yet, but I'm ok about it. I am praying about seeing what I can figure out for going back this upcoming summer, but I will definitely be back in September again!

Needless to say, I was not ready to say goodbye so soon.

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