Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ode to Bigness

A little story about my dearest Casey Tatum, aka Bigness, upon her graduation.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Caitlin who reluctantly decided to go through recruitment and join a sorority. She fell in love with the ladies of Alpha Gamma Delta and accepted a bid from them on that cold January morning in 2008. That afternoon, she went to Lewis Annex and met the rest of her pledge class and here Mama Squirrel, Casey. Mama led all the new baby squirrels as they ran down the hill and met their new sisters who were waiting for them at the bottom.

The next night was the baby squirrels' first chapter. What they didn't know was that it was also Big/Little reveal. When Caitlin turned around and saw Casey standing behind her, she was so excited! Yay family!

Casey was a wonderful Mama Squirrel and taught the babies all about Alpha Gamma Delta and in March they were initiated and were officially sisters!

The time had come for Jessi (Casey, Lindsey, and Alison's Big) to graduate and for the family to do her senior spotlight. Lindsey came to chapter that night and met her newest family members for the first time. And took lots of pictures. Because that's what Lindsey Carter does.

Soon enough it was time for Caitlin's first AGD formal. It was a fun night of getting dressed up, dancing, and hanging out with all the sisters.

Summer came and went and school was starting again. Caitlin does not particularly enjoy the outdoors and dirt and hiking, but the rest of the family was going to Dick's Creek and so she decided to fake it and go along too.

One day, Jessi came to visit and the family was complete again.

Cheers for Charity rolled around and, while they did not do so great with the whole cheerleading part, they did take some real cute pictures.

For Christmas, they decided to have a tacky family dinner. As always, they took many ridiculous pictures and had lots of fun. And Casey put a wreath on her head and got it stuck, which was definitely the best part of the night.

January came and it was time for recruitment! Caitlin had never been through recruitment on the sister side before and loved going through the whole thing with Casey. She kept her stress level down and helped paint the awesome signs for bid day.

Bid day was a blast! From the moment the new girls ran down the hill, the Lambda family was on a mission to find what would be their newest additions and Casey's G-baby.

The next day the family didn't just grow, it exploded with 3 new members, and Case became Brittany's Big Mama. Not long after, they added Sara to the family and doubled in size from the beginning of the semester. Now Case had 2 G babies!

In March, Case left for England for a month. It was very sad without her and Ruby Hollow was not the same. Even though she couldn't come to initiation and Feast of Roses, Linds and Caitlin made sure she was still there in some form.

When she came back there was a big celebration at the airport!

Luckily, Case came back just in time for spring formal! And rocked a hot pink dress which made Caitlin very proud.

Whether we're having fun after a candle lighting on the drill field,

hiking at Preacher's Rock,

camping for sisterhood retreat,

or going to the zoo,

Case makes everything 10 times more fun than it really should be. She makes me laugh more than anyone I know, always has a listening ear, and encourages me when I need it the most. Case, I don't know how I would have ever made it through these 2 years without you. I am so proud of you and can't wait to see what God has in store for you in Carrollton. I love you Bigness!!!

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