Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Wednesday morning Savannah and I sat down next to Bekah at orientation and she said "Happy 2 year anniversary!" and it made us get a little teary eyed. Two years ago we moved into Donovan together. Some people knew their roommates and some of us didn't. I remember the first hall meeting we had that night. I looked around at all the girls in the lobby and felt so lost and alone. I didn't know a single person except for my roommate that I had just met a few hours earlier. I recognized a couple people from my Intro group, but I never really made friends there so it wasn't like I thought they were going to be my new BFFs or anything. The first semester was rough, but second semester I finally started to find my place. I never thought that Bekah would be the first person that I would go to when I got my heart broken and didn't want to be alone in the dorm. We spent so many nights sitting on my futon, one of us crying over something or another. So many nights out in the lobby struggling to finish a Stat project that we put off for way too long while our roommates slept. When Savannah walked into my room that day and brought me a CD of songs to lift me up and help heal my heart, I was so appreciative, but I had no idea at that moment that my best friend had just walked into my life. I can't imagine life without her. She has been there through some seriously life changing moments over the past year and a half and I wouldn't have made it without her. I thought that Kristin was stuck up, mostly because she didn't talk to me at Intro, which clearly means stuck up. We were in the same learning community which meant we had many of our classes together and we ended up sitting next to each other in Education 2110. We bonded over making fun of our teacher mostly and drawing pictures to pass the time in this horribly boring class. She was so much fun to live with and is a forever friend, even when she is no longer on campus with us. One night first semester, Baileigh found me crying outside in the lobby. I couldn't sleep and I was incredibly homesick and felt completely alone. It was about 2 am and I assumed everyone was already asleep, but not Bai. She was so sweet and gave me some encouraging words and tissues and made me stop crying. We sat and talked for a few minutes, but it wasn't like we had some kind of big, friendship defining moment right there. It wasn't until about March that we really became friends. She came to my rescue when I didn't want to be in my room anymore and was comic relief to the current situation.

Everyone says that this is where you meet your best friends, and I always thought that was a little too cliche for me, but it's so true. I have been so blessed by so many girls from my freshman hall, but these in particular. Happy Anniversary, sweet friends. Can't wait to see where the future takes us. Love you all so much.

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