Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Good Thing Is...

At one point during the moment after the leg breakage and the emotional breakdown, Linds and I started saying, "The good thing is..." and naming positive facts. Today I am mad at my leg because I am restless beyond belief. So I have decided to compile all of the good things.

1. I'm really good at hopping on one foot.
2. I'm going to have great looking arms for Case's wedding in June. Thank you, crutches.
3. I am also going to have a great looking right leg... and a pathetic left one. which will be amusing.
4. I am going to have the best balance Wii Fit has ever seen as soon as I can get back on that thing.
5. I like the futon and I got to sleep on it downstairs for a while.
6. Every woman hates shaving her knees. and if you don't, then you are crazy. Well, turns out when your knee is the same size as your thigh, it's SO easy, y'all!
7. I have somewhere to sit down in the shower when I get tired.
8. I have pretty crutches.
9. Bible study is at our house. It is always at our house, but this is just extra convenient and we like Bible study so it is a good thing.
10. We have this thing in chapter called the support bra. It's literally this huge red bra and we vote on someone who just needs a little support. (get it? support from sisters... like a bra supports...? come on, it's cute) We also have a little tradition of saying "3 nuts for (insert sister's name here)" when someone good happens or someone does something really well, etc. and everyone shouts, "nut, nut, nut!" Well my friends. tonight I got the support bra AND 3 nuts for me! twice actually. so that is 6 nuts for Caitlin. my Alpha Gam life is complete.
11. I hate to end on such an odd number, but it needs to be said: I AM BACK WITH MY SISTERS!!! HOLLA!

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  1. Way to be positive! Enjoy that easier shaving experience while you can ;)