Friday, January 8, 2010

10 in 10 & Great

*title admittedly swiped from sweet Mary's blog :)

A few weeks ago, my awesome youth pastor Shad preached at church. His sermon was call 10 in 10. (for those of you who are a tad bit slow like me, that means 10 things in 2010. don't judge me for not getting that at first). He gave us 10 things he would want us to experience in 2010.

1. That you will be able to see God's hand in your life.
2. That you would understand the importance of your time.
3. That you would live within the strengths of your gifts and talents.
4. That you would manage all the stuff God has given you.
5. That you would be able to lead someone to Christ.
6. That you would be able to hear God's voice and obey Him.
7. That you will have the opportunity to jump into God's faithfulness.
8. That you will help your church become more essential in your life and your friends' lives.
9. That you would intentionally invest in other people's lives that do not know Jesus.
10. That you would engage your community.

Shad challenged us to pick at least one thing to take on for the year. We had a time of prayer about them and I really felt God calling me to many more than I really wanted to take on to be honest. I feel so challenged and ready to accomplish some great things for the next year.

Which leads me to this... great. My dear friend Beth Moore once said, "it is a sin to be good when God has called you to be great." Kelly has this posted on her computer at work. I've seen it a million times, but one day it just hit me. I feel like God is calling me to be great. I have no idea what, but I really feel like God is going to do something great this year. And not just this year, but with my life. I have been so reluctant to believe this, much less act on it, and to put it into words was out of the question. But there it is. God is doing something with me. Weird. Why me? Why would He choose me? To do what? When? Where? I have no answers. I have no idea what's going on. All I know is that God is calling me to something. For most, that would be too vague. And I am in no way immune to doubt at all, so there are days where I feel lost and in need of more direction. But for now, knowing that He is calling me to something is enough. This is going to be the year of great. I don't want to just be good anymore. I want to live like God is great. Like His plan for my life is great. Like my life is great. For the great glory of His name. The year of great. Scary. Very scary. But exciting. It gives me butterflies. The kind you feel when you know you are about to see someone you love. Or someone you haven't seen in a long time. You know what I mean. When just the thought is enough to make you want to dance with excitement. I used to look at other women in my life, see their relationship with Christ, and think I could never have that. I found it. I found Him in new and amazing ways over the past year. But I won't settle for complacency. I want to be great. And full of joy.

Joy. 2009 could definitely be the year of joy. It started as a mess. Big mess. And in the mess I found joy. Unspeakable joy. That transcends all circumstances. That sustains my every breath. That makes a broken heart seem like no big deal. That doesn't let school and teaching and awful students get me down. That keeps me smiling. That has put a new bounce in my step. That brings me to tears. Joy. The one thing I searched for and strived to find for 20 years. Joy is finally mine.

joy, unspeakable joy! an overflowing well, no tongue can tell! joy, unspeakable joy! rises in my soul, never lets me go!

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