Sunday, November 1, 2009

Y'all Pray For Him

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am a strange individual.

Someone whom I love dearly said, "I pray for him because he's going to have to be very special to be with a weird girl like you." I'm alright about that.

The more I thought about how strange I really am, the more I realized how much I love that about myself. Turns out I can actually be kinda funny sometimes. And I feel like I am more me right now than I have ever been. I love that I can finally totally be myself and not worry about what anyone thinks. It amazes me that there is a man out there that could possibly love that about me.

This conversation was had tonight about the subject...
Me: I already love him, so I'm sure he already loves me.
Linds: I wonder if he knows he loves a weirdo.

I think he does.

Y'all pray for him. He's gonna need it to put up with me. :)

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