Saturday, November 21, 2009

Squirrels vs. Diabetes

It suddenly occurred to me that I never wrote about Gold Rush, which is only the biggest thing that happens ALL YEAR in Dahlonega! They close all the roads down, and basically it is a huge craft festival and is so much fun. Ya know, if you're into that kinda thing. Which, turns out, I am. For our philanthropy, we do this thing called Rock-A-Thon. We set up rocking chairs in the square and rock and sing songs all day and people donate their spare change. All of the money goes to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which supports diabetes research. This year we raised about $1200.

Kelly and Mary came up on Friday and we had a mini birthday party for Kelly, complete with cake, streamers, junk food, really late night, party hats, and noise makers. Then Saturday my mom came up for the day. Good, good weekend. :)

too much party for Mary...

Noonday bunch at lunch. ha.

we didn't want to go downstairs to drink our hot chocolate, so it came to us

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