Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh, You Make Me Smile

I had the most wonderful long weekend at home. Friday afternoon (after classes) began the much needed long weekend. Bill, Shannon, and the boys came over and cooked out with us. Even though, most of the time, the boys think they are too old and too cool to talk to me much, I still love having them all over. They make me laugh so much. And they finally got to meet Cosbie, so they will get off my back about it. Just kidding, y'all. ;) That night Cos and I met up with Case and Ryan for a little coffee date. They are just the most precious little newlyweds and I absolutely love spending time with them. I miss Case so much and it does my heart so much good to see her.

Saturday we went to the Tech game. Yes, I, Caitlin Moss, went to a Georgia Tech game, sat on the Tech side, wore Tech colors, and even enjoyed myself very much. The things I do to spend time with that boy. ;) In all seriousness, I had so much fun. I love football... even though I hardly understand a single thing about it. I'm more about the experience and the atmosphere than anything else.

We were practically about to die of thirst by the time the game was over (I do require more hydration than the average person) so we stopped at QT (our favorite). When I was getting back in the car I caught a glimpse of my reflection and my bright red shoulders. I now have a wonderful tank top tan line that will stick with me throughout fall. That night we went by the Brummels' house and hung out for a while. So much good conversation. It is so rare to have people like that in life and I am so thankful.

Sunday morning started at Briarlake. Cosbie works there most Sunday mornings and I started going with him a few weeks ago. It's so weird to not be at Noonday when I am home, but I like Briarlake a lot. It has the North Point feel that we like so much but keeps the Southern Baptist theology and traditions we are so attached to. Plus it means Cos and I actually get to sit together in church and listen to the same sermon, something I thought would be a rare occasion. Right now it is quite a haul, but it definitely has potential to be home and I really enjoy it. The rest of the day was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. We had lunch with his parents and did homework for a long time. Sometimes you just need those kinda days: relaxing, getting things done, and sweet family time.

I just love extra weekend days! Monday afternoon we hung out at the house with his sister and her boyfriend. That night we went to Granny's house to cook out with everyone. I am thankful for weekends like this full of time with both of our families. I was supposed to come back to school Monday night... but I just couldn't do it. Sometimes I would just so much rather stay home one more night, and this was one of those nights. Watching Bones with Cos all night > driving back to Dahlonega. Clearly.

Monday night I found out some very sad news from World Language Academy, the school that I teach at. The librarian's husband and the PTO president's husband were in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and the librarian's husband was killed. The man driving the car that hit them was the nurse's husband. The thing I love most about working at WLA is how much the faculty and staff are truly family. So when news of this got around, it hurt everyone. I can't even wrap my mind around such a tragedy or begin to try and understand. Please keep all the families involved in your prayers over the next few weeks.

Despite my heavy heart, I found myself rejoicing as I drove back to school on Tuesday. Some mornings that drive is so rough, but some mornings it is the most perfect time to just hang out and talk with my Heavenly Father. Some of my friends were so heavy on my heart and as I prayed for them and their vastly different current situations, I was just overwhelmed with thoughts of how faithful the Lord has been and continues to be. I love watching the ways that He works in my life and other people's lives on a daily basis. I found my prayers turning into pure praise for who He is and thanking Him for blessing me with such an incredible family, amazing friends, and a man that I had prayed for for years. The Lord is so faithful, sweet friends. So, so faithful. And I am so overwhelmed by His providence.

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  1. He's a cutie pie :) So happy for you! Y'all are adorable together!!! Love you.