Thursday, February 3, 2011

you're my favorite part of this story

{one} my throat has been hurting for about a week now, but it was mostly at the end of the day when I had been talking a lot so I thought it wasn't a big deal. last night it got worse. this morning I woke up freezing but burning up, with a horrible headache, and an achy body. I didn't really know I had a fever because I literally don't run fevers, so I just went to school. After about 30 mins I went to talk to the nurse and she sent me home, thinking I had either a sinus infection, strep, or the flu. long story short, strep it is. I've had it for about a week apparently (oops) so it got pretty bad. so I've been in bed all day mostly, fighting with this fever back and forth. thank you, Kindergartners. but you are so worth it.

{two} tomorrow (as long as this fever stays away) I get to see this girl!

I'm headed to Madison to spend a weekend with Linds doing a whole lot of nothing/ whatever the heck we want to do. I am beyond excited.

{three} The Museum released a new song this week to help spread the word to fight human trafficking and end slavery. you can download it here for free. free, friends. do it. 

{four} I have the greatest neighbor. Today when I was talking to Linds she said, "who is going to take care of you?" and I must admit that I got sad because I didn't know. this morning Ashley gave me some great hot tea I've been drinking all day. then this afternoon she brought a thermometer and nyquil. ADodd to the rescue.

{five} Cosbie is in Washington (like the state) this week which means he is 3 hours behind us. When he's on the west coast I feel like he's in a different world. It's very strange. 


  1. I love that I am the one who came in to save the day!!! Thanks for blogging about me!!! Favorite quote..."A.Dodd to the rescue!"

  2. a friend sent me the link to your inspiring blog ... so I decided to 'follow' you. I accidently did so twice (sorry about that, I'll try to delete one, lol).

    I read enough of your blog to be inspired to start blogging again myself!

    Blessings to you!