Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Road to Sisterhood

Last Tuesday at chapter, the baby squirrels… or new members… had their return pin ceremony. Basically, this is where they give back their new member pin and say a tid bit about what Alpha Gamma Delta has come to mean to them during their pledge period. I got a little teary eyed when precious Emily read this to the chapter: "They are the family we choose to surround us, the sisters bound by love instead of blood. They know when we are lonely, and appear without being called. When we feel lost, they provide a living map to what comes next; when we doubt everything about ourselves, they remind us who we are." ~ Barbara Alpert. That’s exactly what my sisters are to me. As I helped my Littles… or, Sister-Daughters (gag me)… undo their new member pins and placed it in their hand, my heart was so full of pride and love. I can hardly believe that a year ago I was in their same place. At the time, I had no idea how much my sisters would come to mean to me in such a little amount of time. I cannot wait to see what each girl has to bring to the sisterhood and what Alpha Gamma Delta can bring to their lives.

Last week was also Family Week. On the first day, the new members get a ton of squirrels. (in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, that is our mascot) The second day is red, buff (aka yellow to you non-Greek people), and green day. Everything that they get that day is, you got it, red, buff, and green. The third day is when they get their pattern. Each girl has her own pattern that all of her stuff is made out of and no one else in the sorority has. It’s a big day! Much to my relief, both Sara and Brittany loved their pattern and all their stuff!

Brittany's red, buff, and green day
Sara's red, buff, and green day
Brittany's pattern
Sara's pattern

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  1. Great job on the patterns-- who wouldn't love those!