Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Me A Deal

My favorite part of the last few days of the year was buying all kinds of Christmas things on sale for our house next year. I absolutely love Christmas and it would be so incredibly sad if our house wasn't full of Christmas next year. Here are some great finds I found. :)

I'm excited about using this cars wrapping paper for all my little boy cousins and the cute flowery paper for all of Cosbie's little girl cousins next year.
 I have great aspirations for this wreath and these ornaments for a front door.
I'm thinking a blue and silver theme to go with the ornaments we both already have and the colorful little ones for a small tree.
I want to string this in with some garland. and it goes great with the stockings I bought. (my computer won't load the picture for some reason)
and this centerpiece can go in the middle of a coffee table or a kitchen table... especially if we somehow end up with the (slightly scratched up) floor sample I am in love with at Macy's.

and, I bought some cookie cutters. because they were a dollar and I just couldn't resist. :)

can't wait to fill our own house with Christmas cheer next year!

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