Monday, January 10, 2011

Being A Big Girl Is Exhausting

I started my student teaching last Tuesday. I'm in a Kindergarten class with an awesome teacher. Since most of their day is in Spanish, our kids change classes, so I have 82 precious babies. They are such a joy every day. I've actually been to school early every day this week, which is a miracle for me. Even though I'm tired every morning when the alarm goes off at 4:45, getting to spend the day with these sweet kids makes it ok. 

I wish I could remember every single funny thing they say in a day, but I forget everything by the time I get home. They want you to know every move they make. Thursday I had them lined up to go to specials (that's what we call PE, Art, Music, etc.) and a little girl raised her hand and said, "Miss Caitlin, I burped 3 times but I said 'excuse me' every time." They have to go to the nurse for the tiniest ailment. We have 6 headaches a week and get stomachaches when we have to write sentences. When we do writer's workshop, they come up with the most imaginative stories. Half of them write beautifully and their sentences pretty much make sense. The other half mostly just get the first letter right, but you better believe they know exactly what that story says and you will sit there for 5 minutes listening to every word that goes with that picture. 

I am so blessed to be with such precious kids and an amazing teacher that I love. Even though the long days are exhausting, I absolutely love it and am so excited to see what is in store for the rest of the semester.

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