Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Insert Witty Title Here

... because it is late and I lack one.

I have been tagged by my wonderful roommate Lindsey to do this little thing, and I am going to try not to be persuaded by any of her answers as I answer this... when I should be going to bed. Because it's 12:23 am and wake up call comes at 5. I am going to write the first thing that comes to mind and am not editing. Don't judge me.

I am redeemed, fearfully and wonderfully made, a daughter of the King, daughter, sister, & friend.

I have unspeakable joy!

I wish everyone knew the love and joy of Jesus.

I want more of God. I am so in love with Him and want to spend more time with Him. There is never enough time, and whatever time I spend is never enough. I want more. I can't get enough.

I fear rejection, not being good enough, spiders, being single forever.

I hear Linds talking.

I wonder when I will ever sleep again and where my husband is right now.

I regret very few things in my life.

I love love. I love to give love. I tell people I love them a lot, because I do. I love to love on people.

I always fall asleep listening to the rain on my computer at night.

I usually get ready in the exact same order every day. This has been slightly altered with the broken leg situation and all, but 99% of the time, this is true.

I am not ready to be in the real world and desire it so much at the same time.

I sing constantly. and loud.

I rarely stay mad about anything. I can't be mad for long no matter how hard I try.

I never don't have a song in my head.

I cry for every emotion. It's a bit out of control probably...

I am not always on time. I hate this about myself, but it's true nonetheless.

I need to be loved, God, music, to go to bed, to be hugged, to smile.

Now I think I'm supposed to tag people, but I don't really know who reads this blog, so just go for it :)

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